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 Learn the way of reporting, informing, Consulting, and to realize your work more effictively and efficiently.

 Any work you do at business, whether people inside the company or outside the company, has to do with it. In order to always bring out high performance at work, every member who has to do with it must have information in common and have the same recognition. [HOU REN SOU] is the communication skill for it and is the basic communication skill at business.
 Brushing your [HOU REN SOU] skill is a important approach to become a professional business person. You will always have accurate informations in common with suitable people. Therefore [HOU REN SOU] will promise your work to become more effectively and efficiently and will highly contribute to your work place performance.

■ Instructor : Thai Instructor(POR)
■ Time : 14:00 thru 17:00

Voice from the attendance

Fri., Feb. 2 2024  14:00〜17:00  Thai Staff (Thai)  Instructor: POR
Tue., Mar. 5 2024  14:00〜17:00  Thai Staff (Thai)  Instructor: POR
Mon., Mar. 25 2024  14:00〜17:00  Thai Staff (Thai)  Instructor: POR  ※Online
Wed., Apr. 3 2024  10:00〜17:00  Thai Staff (Thai)  Instructor: POR
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